Boo!! Scared ya!!  RLP began our Haunted Happenings in 2011 and boy has it become popular! Our campsites are now fully booked for the event (typically by the end of August), with hundreds of additional visitors coming for just the afternoon.  2019 event will be Saturday the 26th.  Saturday night at 4:30 come out and enjoy our costume contests and our campsite decoration contest.  Also, beginning at 5:30 we have our trick or treating around the campground. Our campers go all out with their decorations and entertainment!   There will not be a haunted trail this year. But there will be some new events for everybody to enjoy…it will be announced soon! That’s right new event for 2019 TBA!


Our campsite decoration winner!!

Campers put alot of effort into their campsites! New pictures will come soon.

Getting ready for the costume contest!

It can't get much cuter than this.

Night time view of the the cemetery entrance!

Creepy volunteers waiting in the cemetery for their next victims!

Which is is real?? Or are they all?

Is the circus in town?? No, but these clowns are waiting somewhere on the trail for you!

Don't forget to look up!

2014 Haunted Hallows Trail Entrance

2014 Haunted Hallows Trail Entrance

In the daytime it appears that nothing bad could happen! Just wait until you're standing in the middle of this during the night!

Some campers don't make it through the night!

Care to be tortured?

You never know who or what might jump out!